This Collar Translates Your Dog’s Barks Into Curse Words

You don’t have to be a dog owner to know just how much people love their dogs.

Most dog owners will do just about anything for their pets because of the special bond they share.

Dogs bring people happiness, plain and simple.

We have no problem with them shedding, getting slobber on everything, muddy paws, chewing up furniture but there is one thing dogs do that most people get seriously annoyed with, barking.

Unless it’s from a command, people go crazy when their dog barks. Do you really want to silence your dog’s main form of communication.

Rather than spend the rest of your life fighting your dog’s ability to speak and communicate, take advantage of a new invention that takes your dogs bark and makes it hilarious.

Actually, it takes a dogs bark and enhances it for the modern world we live in some would say.

A company called MSCHF is known for their hilarious satire products but they may have just broken the internet with this new invention that sold out almost immediately.

It’s a dog collar but it is unlike any other dog collar you could hope to find.

I know I’ve spent hours searching for the perfect collar for my dog and I cant wait for them to get this new collar back in stock because it does something every dog owner would get a kick out of.

Take a look at the newest dog collar on the market you never knew you needed.

The collar is named the Cuss Collar and it does something very unique.

There are many barking collars out there that shock your dog or spray them in the face with citronella. Some vibrate and others just beep. Well this one does the exact opposite of all of those remedies


Instead of teaching your dogs not to bark, this collar teaches you to get a laugh out of their bark and nothing more.


It actually takes the bark and gives an audible cuss word in place of the bark. You heard that right, the collar cusses out loud anytime your dog barks.


This couple had no idea what the collar did and they introduced their saint of a dog named GrandPaw. They adore his lovable personality and when asked what he’d say, they replied, “He would only say I love you”.

The creators of the Cuss Collar placed it on GrandPaw to see what he would really say and the result was far from what his mom and dad expected.

It looks awesome and comes in different sizes. The best part happens when you turn it on and your dog decides they have something they need to say.

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