Artist Uses Sink as a Canvas for Extraordinary Watercolor Paintings

Creative director and artist Marta Grossi had just relocated to Milan when the coronavirus pandemic forced Italy to place the country on lockdown. Trapped indoors and unable to see her family, she began a new creative project to stay mentally and physically healthy. Each day, Grossi used her sink as a canvas for beautiful, yet ephemeral, watercolor paintings.

“Now more than ever we need to stay positive and to find beauty even in the unexpected places,” Grossi explains. COVID-19 and the scrupulous health reminders have impacted the way many people view sinks. The Italian artist refers to them as our “silent companions” during this unprecedented event. In fact, Grossi first began painting in her sink out of necessity, when she ran out of drawing papers and was unable to purchase new supplies at the store. So, thinking on her feet, she saw the stark white porcelain of her sink as an opportunity for a different type of art.

Grossi stretches her imagination to places beyond the confines of her apartment and uses her brush to fill the sink with colorful renderings of butterflies, flowers, leaves, and animals. “Every day I paint [a new subject] with watercolors and after 24 hours I let the water destroy the art piece,” she says. The short life of this artwork is part of the process. Once she completes the painting of the day, Grossi documents it with her phone. Then, when it is time to wipe the slate clean, the Italian artist records a video of how the water erases the delicate layers of paint—savoring the end of each fleeting illustration.

Scroll down to see more of Grossi’s fantastical sink paintings, and follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest creations.

Italian artist Marta Grossi uses her sink as a canvas for exquisite watercolor paintings.

She began working on the series when Italy was placed on lockdown and she could not leave her apartment…

When Grossi ran out of drawing paper, she decided to fill her sink with paintings.


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🐠🐡🚰 Wash your hands and keep creative Stay safe Stay inspired . Gone! . Will last less than 24h . For those who don’t know, I am quarantined in Milan, where I previously came for a temporary time and for working projects. Now locked here alone – in a home that is not mine – and unable to come back to my family. I am trying to start my day with a purpose and using my tools to stay mentally and physically healthy. The only thing that always saved my life, is my creativity and now that my few papers are finishing, I am using whatever I find in this apartment. Being creative is a form of therapy and my way to communicate with the world. Now more than ever we need to stay positive and to find beauty even in the unexpected places. Few days ago I thought about the perception of things, about how many times we are reminded to wash our hands since we met the corona virus. The sinks of all the world are now becoming silent companions, we meet every day and under this tragic circumstances, a simple piece of furniture is changing in front of our eyes. This sink is now my temporary canvas, today I saw the ocean and the coral reef coming out of it, and reminding me that life is beautiful even in the ugly, scary and the unknown. In few hours I am going to wash my hands again, and this painting will dissolve and disappear. This is the message I want to give, to see the same things with different eyes. To be strong and to appreciate simple little things. I am with you, we are all in this together. Love, Marta Creativity will never stop Video from @martabunny painted with watercolours and filmed with iPhone . #illustration #love #coronavirus #watercolorpainting #power #energy #creativelifehappylife #italy #galaxy #covid #covid19 #artoftheday #greenpeace #artofinstagram #nature #blue #washyourhands #sink #artwork #painting #watercolour #designboom #interiordesign #artist #milan #watercolorpainting #quarantinelife #sea #coralreef #repgram

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