Because I Carry It So Well

Yes, I do feel alone even if there is people around me.

Sometimes I don’t feel noticed and loved at certain times.. it just happens to me anyday and I don’t expect it, really.

I’m guessing the causes that makes me feel this way is jealousy, depression, etc. same for depression, I do get depressed at a random time. because i’m answering this question, i will let you know this as well…

I don’t always have a reason(s) to be depressed or feel alone and stuff, I just choose to be. but don’t get me wrong, there can be any reasons for me being like this.

Maybe i just don’t know it. and i choose not to know it even if it sounds weird or doesn’t make sense to you.

There are times when I am happy as well. but honestly.. i never did want to tell anyone this, but this is the internet. and you guys probably already can tell. so guys, if you’re from my school and you are reading this right now, go ahead and say it to my face if you have a problem. go ahead. if you wanna tease me about this, say it to my face and we can see if i will control my emotions. now that is said.. i honestly think that i have several personalities:


cute (that’s what people i best know tell me)













shy (depends if i know the people around me or not)

but now you know how i feel. I notice that some people want to know what i’m thinking right now, what’s going on in my head, why i am like this, what feelings i’m having, etc. i hope this helped you get info abt me bc boy am i tired. it’s already pass midnight

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