Don’t EVER Forget Your Value

Recognizing your true worth is the first step to happiness, but this isn’t always easy. A lot of people are in the habit of undervaluing themselves, and this makes it difficult for you to see yourself in all your unique glory. Here are a few things that make you the amazing person you are.

1. You will always be there for yourself.

Even when you’re sad or angry with yourself or don’t even want to be who you are, you’re still showing up. You have no other choice. When times get hard, you are the one who is there to catch you. Instead of beating yourself up, you have the ability to hold yourself a little higher and be your own best friend. Through thick and thin, you’re always there to remind yourself how important you are.

2. You’ve already accomplished so many things.

Everything you have right at this moment is a direct result of everything you have done in your life, and everything you’ve lost is evidence of how many beautiful things you gained. Even your failures are a reflection of how much you’ve tried. No matter where you are in your life, you’ve done so much for yourself and others, and you’re only just getting started.

3. You’re stronger than you think you are.

You can’t always feel like a superwoman, but that’s exactly what you are. Struggling doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re testing your own strength and finding more resilience for the future. With every trial, you will find new stores of power and learn that somewhere deep down, you’ve always known just how strong you really are. Don’t hide from challenges. You’re more than capable of beating them.

4. You’re capable of untold amounts of love.

Your love is immense, and some people won’t know how to receive it. Instead of feeling like you come on too strong or just aren’t lovable, remember that your love is stronger than some people know how to handle and that you deserve someone who can match every ounce of love you have to give.

5. You’re beautiful in a way that no one ever could be.

No one loves how they look every second of every day, but you’re always beautiful whether you feel it or not. No one else has your eyes or your hair or your voice. Every one of your features is exclusive to you, and anyone who gets to know those parts of you is luckier than you can imagine.

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