People Are Sharing Beautiful Photos of the Life Cycles of Berries

We all know that nature is beautiful, but if you ever needed a reminder, just check out Twitter. It’s there that @AlfieDaye shared an interesting photo of a blackberry’s lifecycle. In one visually appealing image, Alfie is able to remind us just how incredible nature really is.

By laying out the growth of a blackberry, from bud to flower to fruit, he’s taken us all back to school. Given the popularity of the tweet, it seems like a lot of people were thrilled to reflect on nature. In fact, since Alfie first tweeted his photo on June 16, it’s already been liked a million times and retweeted by over 163,000 people.

The stunning transformation is one that’s repeated with a lot of different fruits, which people started to share in the thread. Strawberries and blueberries were shared, as well as coffee beans and even a Mexican blackberry. All of these berries work similarly, with flowers eventually ripening into the delicious treats we love. In the case of coffee, the coffee cherries that the plant produces are what cultivators are after. Buried within the cherries are precious coffee beans that are later processed and eventually end up giving us our caffeine fix.

Of course, these plants don’t do it all alone. They require the assistance of several other animals to help them spread their seeds and eventually develop into fruit. Birds, squirrels, deer, and bears all help out by eating the ripened fruit and then dispersing the seeds through their excrement. And, of course, nothing would be possible without the bees who pollinate the plant’s flowers. It’s these pollinated flowers that will slowly develop into the lush fruit we all enjoy.

So sit back and enjoy some incredible photos that will make you appreciate the wonder of the natural world.

Across Twitter, people have been sharing visually satisfying photos of the life cycle of berries.

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