These Animal Shaped Baby Backpacks Protect Babies Heads If They Fall Over

Every person who has ever handled a baby knows just how fragile their little perfectly soft heads are.

From the time a baby starts to move to the time they’re running around the house can make any parent cringe with fear.

Let’s face it, they are clumsy and too fast for their own god. Babies fall all the time and it is rare that the surroundings are baby-proofed or even soft.

In actuality, surroundings are usually full of sharp corners and hard surfaces. Babies and toddlers oftentimes trip and use their hands and arms to break their fall.

But when a baby falls backward the only thing to break the fall is their head. Well now there is a solution to all your anxiety.

This baby backpack is made with memory foam, cotton and polyester.

It is designed to protect a baby’s head in case they take a tumble backwards.

It is incredibly lightweight as well so the baby doesn’t have any strain while it’s in use.

These adorable “backpacks” come in various designs and utilize a soft yet protective pillow that rests behind the head to prevent any serious impacts.

The safety backpack straps around the arms of the baby to secure it into place.

There are many cute designs that will fit you and your baby’s style.

Even toddlers who are a little too fast for their own good can benefit from the safety pack. It works for children from 3 months to 3 years old.

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