This ‘Baby Shield’ Allows You To Still Have Fun With Your Baby Without The Mess

The child care company Kindex has just come up with a brilliant solution to all of your baby’s hazards. They just released a shield for the upper half of your body to protect you from all of those unpredictable moments when interacting with your young one.  Simply insert your hands into the sealed waterproof gloves and you are protected from anything the baby will throw your way! From trying to pee on you when changing their diaper to vomiting when you are holding them, fear no more.

The product description on the box states:

“Now you can experience all the joy and fulfillment of parenthood without all the mess. Baby Shield protects you from unexpected squires and spurts that sloppy infants emit. Laboratory-grade rubber gloves guard your hands and forearms from gunk, and it’s clear plastic screen allows you to savor every precious moment with your baby — while blocking those unsavory smells and secretions.”

Baby clean up is easy with the laboratory-grade rubber gloves sealing your hands from any potential mess.

With near full-body protection, you are sure to dodge any accident that might happen when interacting with the baby.

With this fun and unique gift, any parent is sure to be grateful for this invention!

Do you think you could use one of these?

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