Woman Discovers a Giant Crystal That Looks Like a Fried Chicken

A woman has discovered a rare and delicious-looking crystal. And that crystal looks just like a chicken tender.

There are many people that consider fried chicken to be one of the most valuable commodities on planet Earth. And after the discovery of this crystal, we might consider it to be a geological twist.

Amelia Rude has gained much attention on social media platforms after she posted a unique photo. She shared a photograph of her finger lickin’ crystal online that made the netizens go crazy.

And if you look at the photo closely, you’ll believe it’s something from Uncut Gems if the lead character was actually Colonel Sanders. The photo first appeared on the Twitter page of Garlic Powder. The post has got over 283.9K likes and 53.1K retweets.

The crispy rock also made an appearance on the subreddit r/forbiddensnacks. The users couldn’t help but joke about eating the fried chicken crystal. Also, people are quite curious to know more about the unique rock.

However, the users cracked hilarious jokes about the crystal. One of them suggested this as a trophy to the best-fried chicken in the world. Some of them also shared the perfect geological delight, i.e. a cheesecake, that one can eat after seeing Amber’s crystal.


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